A person’s well being and steadfast recovery is fundamental to the approach of each treatment I give.

By definition, soft tissue therapy is the systematic assessment and treatment of the muscles, tendons ligaments and connective tissues of the body, to assist in the rehabilitation, pain and injury management.

That means that every treatment is tailored to your needs to restore functionality to your body with help of massage and other techniques, like Kinesiology Taping or Medical Acupuncture. Each treatment is designed to balance muscle length/tension or tone. This will promote the return to normal joint/bone position, increase blood and lymph flow in injured areas and remove all toxins, damaged cells and scar tissue from injury site.

My work can be summarised in 3 principles:

Relief of musculo-skeletal pain. We are talking about chronic pain and the little niggles you feel after your day at the office or after one of your training session.

Here is a list of the ailments I can help with:

Back pain – Neck pain – Sport injuries –

Headaches – Whiplash – Frozen shoulders – Tennis elbow – Knee pain –

Repetitive strain injuries – Arthritic pain – Plantar fasciiatis 

Restoration of functionality in your body. Your body is your number one tool in your everyday life. People find it hard to keep a correct posture throughout the day, and that’s when your body starts to be restricted. You may find that sitting at your desk becomes more and more uncomfortable. If you are a sport person, your performance may be affected, with you feeling that you are not improving anymore, or even finding your performances below your normal level.

Rehabilitation  of old and new injuries. Being injured is never an easy journey for any of us. But what make the difference between a good or a bad recovery is the way you rehabilitate your injury. Strengthening some group of muscles and/or releasing others. Add to that a few exercises adapted to your injury, you will increase the speed of your recovery, and you will be ready to go back to training with a body as strong or even stronger than before your injury.

Assessment of injury, chronic or acute pain, will include a treatment plan as to the best course of treatment for your condition/injury.

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